About Us

Welcome to Meet, Relax, Learn, Create – the physical and mental health nursing website.

NurseThis website has been created to help general and mental healthcare nursing professionals like you to meet, relax and create connections in an informal environment which will help you in your private and work lives in this demanding profession.

Here we answer the most pressing questions facing nurses in today’s turbulent environment – including how to handle the pressures of patients, night shifts, managing your life around your working hours and how best to handle professional bodies like the National Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

You’ll find helpful videos from nurses from a range of healthcare disciplines; providing tips for training, job-seeking and promotion and informing you about the unique demands nurses in each discipline face, so you can better understand and work alongside them in future.

We’ll also cover the changing working environment and provide predictions on how changes to the economy, legal environment and politics is likely to affect your discipline and nursing as a whole.

And finally, we’ll be here to answer any questions or concerns you might want to share with the group in an informed but informal (and, if required, anonymous) environment – so feel free to email us on any subject which matter to you right now – social@meetrelaxlearncreate.co.uk

We look forward to helping you, from all the team at www.meetrelaxlearncreate.co.uk