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Further Reading: Forming New Habits

The time it takes for forming new habits is something that’s been up for debate for quite a while now. We’ve compiled some of the best reads out there on the subject.

The history of habits

19th-century Psychologist William James was one of the leading modern researchers into habit, and its relationship with character and personality. His insights into “habit loops” and the process of acquiring new habits were pioneering for the time, and still relevant today.

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No easy answers

Recent research has found that there is no magic time scale to forming new habits, either. In fact, the idea of 21/30/90 day solutions is down to historical misunderstanding rather than fact. The truth it is, forming a new habit takes as long as it takes.

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Insight into the mind

Forming new habits is a mixture of routine, willpower and reminders. Psychologist and owner of Psyblog Jeremy Dean published Making Habits, Breaking Habits: Why We Do Things, Why We Don’t, and How to Make Any Change Stick in 2013.  It’s an excellent and approachable exploration of the psychology of forming new habits.

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Personal experience

While overviews of psychology and history are interesting and helpful, personal experience can’t be overlooked. Here’s one person’s story of how they trained themselves to be a (very) early riser in order to live a healthier lifestyle. Getting up at 05:00 may be a bit extreme for some, but this person’s story show how the right triggers and motivation can help fuel willpower.

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