How Music Changes Behaviour

How Music Changes Behaviour

Hi-fi manufacturing company Sonos has recently undertaken research into how music changes behaviour. While companies of various types often undertake research which can be used for marketing either a new or existing product, every so often the research can be valid and insightful (and not a fake science con such as the concept of “Blue Monday“).

Sonos teamed up with Apple Music and Daniel Levitin, a neuroscientist and author of This is Your Brain on Music: Understanding a Human Obsession, a major publication into music and the human mind. Together, they ran polls of 30,000 music listeners and also ran various experiments for two weeks through 30 households across the world. For the first week, participants did not listen to music at home. For the second week, they did.

One of the main findings of the experiment was that music brought people together, and not in a metaphorical sense. The study found that with music on, average distances between household members decreased by 12%. 33% were more likely to cook together, and couples’ intimacy increased by 66%.

Music was also reported to have a beneficial effect on mental states. There was a 24% decrease of irritability and a 16% increase of positive feelings with music playing.

Links to the full report and a handy summary can be found below.

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