Busy City Relaxing

Why Some People Find a Busy City Relaxing

Despite the image of hustle and bustle, some people find a busy city relaxing and even invigorating. The common perception of escaping the city to recharge and escape to the peace and quiet of nature may not resonate with people who show more neurotic tendencies.

A new report published in The Society for Consumer Psychology looked at how people in various personality groups reacted to testing after being shown an image of either a country or city landscape. Further testing involved playing the sound of waves and honking horns. People with higher levels of neurosis showed less irritation and even a degree of satisfaction with the city imagery and honking horns. The report theorises that the constant activity of city life can actually be a calming influence on an active brain

Providence College Assistant Professor of Marketing Kevin P. Newman went into detail about his findings: “A highly neurotic person can still enjoy nature, but maybe their ideal version of a hike includes more boulders, a trail run, some animals.”

Taking personality into account is an interesting way to plan a getaway, and certainly adds to the evidence that there’s never a one-size-fits-all solution.

Why Some People Find Crowded Cities Relaxing—And Others Don’t [via CityLab]

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