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Further Reading: Boost Your Productivity

Boost your productivity with these useful links and inspiring stories.

Know your work

Knowing the difference between “deep” and “shallow” work can help with structuring your day around what needs to be done. Not replying to emails immediately, or going out to lunch may be seen as lazy by some, but as this article argues: “If you’re driven to produce things that matter, then you need to put deep work at the center of your professional life.”

Link [via 99u]

Revise your to-do list(s)

It’s easy to fall into bad habit with to-do lists: vague goals, mixing of short and long-term goals, and making the distinction between tasks and projects are amongst some of the factors explored in depth in this handy article.

Link [via Smart Productive Work]

Change your routine

Google employee Jake Knapp took a long, hard look at his daily routine and made changes to get the most out of his work time, restore his work-life balance, and enjoy both in the process. The result was a “sprint” system which encourages approaching tasks in 5-day chunks.

Link [via Fast Company]

Take a break

Napping is a great way to take a break and boost your productivity. If you find yourself tired, but need to finish a task, a quick nap can give your body and brain a quick refresh. To learn more about the power of napping and most importantly, how to nap, check out our guide below.

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