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Further Reading: Do New Year’s Resolutions Work?

Do New Year’s resolutions work? We’ve talked previously about forming new habits and quitting bad ones. The New Year is generally a time when there’s plenty of conversation about resolutions being made, kept, or broken. We’ve found some of the best analysis for further reading and inspiration whether you want to make a big change at New Year’s or any day.

Failure – psychology, statistics and reality

If you’re wanting to make your New Year’s resolution work, then it’s worth thinking about whether you’re setting yourself up for failure. Though a New Year’s resolution may seem no different from one made any other time of the year, there is a distinct symbolism that can add to unrealistic expectations and backsliding on resolutions. Understanding these factors in your own mentality is an excellent first step in making a change that lasts.

Link [via Psychology Today]

If raw statistics are your thing, then The guardian has just published results of a poll for private health care provider BUPA on British New Year’s resolutions. The results cover types of resolutions made, and the duration that people kept them.

Link [via The Guardian]

Whilst psychology gives a good overview of how New Year’s resolution work (or don’t), going into detail with finance, time and social factors are equally important. Breaking down and exploring these factors are a great way of owning your resolution.

Link [via Shape]

Changing through smart resolutions

Once you have an understanding of the “failure factors” of New Year’s resolutions, you can start thinking about how to make a realistic resolution and the steps needed to stick to it. Knowing yourself and why you want to make a certain change is an important first step.

Link [via The Guardian]

Honesty can make a New Year’s resolution work. Taking a good look at your friendship circle, triggers and current levels of willpower with the things you want to change can help you set realistic goals.

Link [via Time]

Whether you’re making change for the New Year or any day, we hope these links are useful in helping you make the right change.